SKILLED AND FULLY TRAINED Virtual Medical Assistant

Using telepresence technology integrated with your practice management software, we can help you get things done and save on overhead costs!

What is a Virtual Medical Assistant?

Virtual Medical Assistant

A Virtual Medical Assistant is a remote employee who performs tasks for medical practices such as prescription refills, insurance verifications, prior authorizations, EMR data entries, appointment scheduling, scribing, and other related tasks to the administration for doctors and healthcare practitioners that are similar to those performed by an in-house medical assistant.

Our VMAs have prior knowledge and experience as registered nurses in the Philippines. They are highly trained virtual assistants and demonstrate excellent communication skills with a high level of competency.

How can our Virtual Medical Assistants help you?

Our virtual medical assistant can support healthcare professionals with a wide range of tasks.

Why do you need a Virtual Medical Assistant?

Virtual Medical Assistant

Virtual Medical Assistants can play a major role in providing healthcare facility support services.

When you hire a VMA, you can focus on your patients and healthcare clinic. Your medical assistant handles all the work you want them to do, allowing you to spend your time and energy on something else. Also, a VMA helps you improve the company’s performance for a lower cost. In short, it will give you freedom and save you a lot of time as well as money.

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